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Woah, it has been a while. 

My last review was for the second film that I saw at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, CAN A SONG SAVE YOUR LIFE, which has already been re-released worldwide as BEGIN AGAIN. Needless to say, it has been a year since I last did a review (for this site, at least). 

This year the idea is to use the 2014 Festival as a jumping point to start reviewing films again. I just got off the queue online and got 4 tickets, which is hey, 3 more tickets than my original plan last year. So far, on the docket:

THE DEAD LANDS (Tao Fraser – New Zealand) – September 5 – Bloor Hot Docs – 12:00PM

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I’m very excited for this film. It’s about pre-colonial New Zeland about a Maori tribe where the son of a murdered chieftain is seeking revenge by learning ancient Maori martial arts, known as Mau rakau. This film is the very first one to ever feature this martial art. 

THE FACE OF AN ANGEL (Michael Winterbottom – United Kingdom) – September 6 – Elgin – 8:00PM

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A film about the Amanda Knox murder trial. Except not really. Director Michael Winterbottom used the event as a jumping point for this film, and it’s fictional events. It’s definitely going to be interesting, because it’s a movie about a man wanting to make a movie about the event, and is conversing with a woman who has written a book about the event. It’s very meta, and It’s going to be an interesting ride.

AMERICAN HEIST (Sarik Andreasyan – USA) – September 11 – Princess of Wales – 7:00PM

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Two brothers. Bank heist. Indie film. I am a sucker for films that have a brotherly bond. And to be honest, Adrien Brody. A combination of the two is always a good thing (see: The Brothers Bloom). I’m wondering if they can take the whole, two brothers with a dark past trope and give it a good spin that’ll keep me wanting more. 

BEFORE WE GO (Chris Evans – USA) – September 13 – Bloor Hot Docs – 12:15PM

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NYC. Boston girl misses train home and means NY busker. Two strangers spending a night in the city that never sleeps, realizing that they may have just met the right one. One problem: the next train to Boston is coming, and there’s a husband waiting for the girl on the other end. This is Chris Evans directorial debut, and as someone who knows a lot of his work and how versatile he can be as an actor, I am definitely excited to see how he is as a director.

So yes, these are the first four films that I got my hands on, and I’ll be back soon after my selection window tomorrow for the Back Half Pack. I have six tickets, I hope there’s still some screenings left!

I’ll do my best to commit this time around, as this time around I have a full time job with a more fixed schedule. It’s time to discipline myself, watch all the films and write about them. It shouldn’t be so hard as I love films, and writing. We’ll see!