Want to know more? 

Fine, let’s do a FAQ page.

Why did you start this?

During the last two years of my undergraduate and for the entirety of my graduate years, I consumed popular culture and critically analyzed it. It was during undergrad did I stop having an ‘off’ button for the way in which I watch something and not say something critical or critiquing about it. It’s a hard knock life, especially since things I used to consume blissfully are now texts that need to be cut up, slashed and minced into pieces. Then and only then can I consume it.

I just loved doing it.

So here I am, still doing it. I can’t stop, and lucky, I’m surrounded with friends who are critical thinkers like I am, and I’ve discussed with some of them that maybe, I should probably start writing my thoughts down. Actually, it was my little brother who suggested it, and who would’ve thunk, I’m heeding little bro’s advice.

What’s going to be featured in this?

Just about anything and everything. My speciality in graduate school was the intersections between fandoms and charity work. Specifically, I did a case study on Random Acts and examined it through the lens of agency, race and gender. So I know a lot about fandom, and I adore fandom. I adore it as a fan, as an academic, and as a critical thinker. It is so vast and fascinating to me, so there will be a lot about fandom.

And the media that’s attached to it, obviously. Most recently I got back into reading comic books. I had stopped a year after I started university since there was just no time, nor access to it. But now I’m back, and reading a number of titles, including but not limited to, HAWKEYE, NOW! IRON MAN, NOW! DEADPOOL, NOW! AVENGERS, etc. I’ve also recently finished Keiron Gillen’s run on JOURNEY INTO THE MYSTERY, which featured Kid Loki after the SEIGE storyline. It was absolutely fascinating (if not heart-wrenching), and it’s a reason that I started reading NOW! IRON MAN. I think I’ll be following his titles as he moves on.

There’s also television. I watch a lot of television. For the longest time, Supernatural was my go to “favourite.” But after spending more than two years, probably three writing and researching things that were about or closely related to the show, I’m afraid I’ve become nothing but critical about it. However, I am, for once, enjoying this season, which is a nice feeling. Anyway, I watch a ton of other shows, including but not limited to, DOCTOR WHO, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, CRIMINAL MINDS, ELEMENTARY, THE BIG BANG THEORY, etc. I also watching SHERLOCK, but obviously I can’t keep watching it because season 3 doesn’t start filming until March.

And of course, movies. For my graduate degree, I had the fantastic opportunity of being a teaching assistant for Dr. Barry Grant, for his Introduction to Film class. It gave me a new appreciation for film studies, and also made me an even more critical movie viewer. And movie goer. Watcher. Expect a lot of movie reviews. I like going too much. I might even see the Hobbit again. And then review it.

Are you going to be really critical about everything you’re going to review?

I will be critically analyzing everything, yes. It’s just…that’s how I function now. I cannot stop it anymore. However, I’m not going to just openly bash something without articulating properly. There will be none of that here.

Is there anyone else running this blog.

Nope. Just me. Stuck with me, you are!

How old are you?

I’m 23.

Are you going to update frequently?

It’s my goal to run this blog consistently, so hopefully, yes.

Are you going to feature any of your academic work here?

It depends. I’m working on a couple of manuscripts so I can submit it for publication. Therefore, I can’t openly just c/p content, since that goes against the rules of many journals.

Jedi or Sith

Sith. Definitely. Duh.

    • Mariel said:

      Yes they are, dear Project Soutsea. Yes they are. 🙂

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